Lesser known artists

An artist who is relatively new and has only started to make music very recently is one that has really caught my eye. Joji is a singer who used to be a comedy YouTuber is someone that I find to be an extremely underrated talent. So far, he has gained little following apart from those who have been following his career as a comedian, and although I cannot quite categorize the songs and genre that he focuses on, I am tempted to say that it is closer to Jazz than any other genre that I can think of. Some of the songs that he makes are emotional, while other songs are more comedic. I would liken his comedic songs to be a dirtier and funnier Weird Al, since many of the songs that he makes are created to be both ironic and shocking. Many of the comedy songs are also designed to be a parody of the subject that he is discussing rather than a channelling of thoughts and feelings.

The music that Joji has been releasing recently has been closer to the music that he has been wanting to put out there, but I believe he couldn’t since his following were expecting more comedy albums and songs rather than more emotional and meaningful songs. One of his first songs that he released under the Joji name was “I don’t wanna waste my time” which is probably my favourite song that he has released to date. The song has an underlying message about those who cheat, and more specifically about the person who is cheating on his partner. The song itself sounds relaxing and melodic, but the lyrics of the song itself tell a completely different story.

One of the other songs that he has released recently which I have really enjoyed was a song called “Will he”. “Will he” is about a man who has recently been left by his girlfriend, who has since moved on to another relationship. “Will he” is more about the person who the song is portraying thinking of his ex-partner and wondering if her new partner has replaced him in every way that made their relationship feel special to him. Some of the lines reflect this to me, and when listening to the lyrics of the song you can tell that the person who the song is about is more concerned that they have been replaced rather than missing the actual person themselves. I think that the song is more about the jealousy and insecurities of the person who was left rather than worry for the other.

Finally, another good song that Joji has released was a single called “Demons”. Demons is a very good song for me both for the song itself, but also the music video that came with the song. It’s a very strange but artistic video, featuring the artist dancing in an empty swimming pool in a red furry monster suit. It’s as strange as it sounds, but when watching it you can take a real enjoyment out of just how strange and unique the video is itself.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to any of Joji’s music yet, I would recommend doing so as he is a good artist. I also think he could use all the support you could give being a newer artist who is experimental with his songs. Thank you for reading today, and make sure to check out some of the blogs in the future.

U2 + Other artists!

One of the other bands that I still frequently enjoy listening to despite how many years they have made their best music is U2. U2 is a really underrated band because while during their peak time they were known for being such a good band, currently many people either don’t know who U2 is, or they only recognise the band for Bono and his charitable work, while forgetting about the music that he has created. U2 has created many great songs within their life, and they have also inspired many other bands in the future to create just as good music. U2 is one of the better bands that I have ever heard, and although their newer music isn’t the same as the old, nor does it sound as great as some of the older songs, I do quite enjoy the music still.

They have made some very good albums over the years, but their most popular by far must be the Joshua Tree album. However, U2 aren’t the only band that I think is amazing, especially within the last few years. Around the start of the new millennium, there was a band that seemingly came out of nowhere called Franz Ferdinand. They were a good band, although it is hard to call them ground breaking or amazing in any way since they seemingly disappeared very quickly. They came out with a few decent songs however, and I really enjoyed some of the music that they had come out with during the small time that they were about.

While this person isn’t specifically a band, George Ezra is one of those artists who also came out of nowhere. I had never heard his name before until he released the song “Blame it on Me”. After he released that song he seemingly exploded onto the charts for a while. He created a few decent songs within that time frame and just recently he came out with another song that just hit the top 10. While he hasn’t been able to really hit the charts like some other solo artists, he has an amazing voice and I expect that we will be seeing a lot more of him throughout the years because of it. On top of his voice, the songs and the lyrics that he writes are also just as good as his voice, meaning that he has a good combination of skills for a musical artist.

We seem to be in the age of solo artists, because you do not see as many bands or groups anymore. Earlier within the music industry, music bands were a lot more popular because there was only a small group, rather than the bands that people can simply hire today. Before it used to come down to having a group for multiple different instruments that they could create music together, but now with computers and music studios it is a lot easier to create music on the computer and print off the notes and music track and then hire a band to play the notes itself. It is a simpler thing now to hire a band to play the songs rather than pay someone to do it full time and get a cut of all profits.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I won’t exactly be able to do anything rather than talk about the music that I like, but I don’t know why you would expect different! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed today’s post, but make sure to check out some of the future and past posts too!


One of my favourite bands in the entire world and have been for almost the last two decades are Coldplay. While Coldplay have become somewhat of a meme in the last few years and have become very inconsistent and somewhat strange with their choice of music genres they seem to be inspired by, they are actually a very good band. They are one of the better bands to come out for the rock genre within the last few decades, although it may be difficult to call them a rock band today. It would probably be more accurate to call them a pop and indie band with some of the music they have created, especially within the last 3 years where most of their songs have been created along side large pop stars and even rappers as opposed to rockers.

What many people seem to forget however is the amount of good songs that they have created since they formed as a group. One of my favourite songs of their discography must be Yellow, which is a very touching song to me. The song itself really is great, and it may be one of the best songs that they have created as a band. But what I enjoy more about the song is the music video. The video to the song is basic and simplistic, but in such a great way. It just features Chris Martin singing to the camera at the break of dawn on a cold beach. It is as basic as it sounds, and it is done in a great way because the dark blue tint that the sky gives the beach and the sea water along with the dark tones of the landscape make it such a beautiful video to watch.

Another great music video that was created by Coldplay was the music video to The Scientist. This music video was huge when it was first released to the nation, and today it is still as impressive to watch. The video features a story arc of a man who is singing backwards throughout the whole song, and you learn that the character in the video survived a car crash and simply went about his day. However, the singing backwards part was the most impressive thing about the music video, because while the video footage itself is reversed so he is going back in time throughout the video, Chris Martin is singing as if time is going normal. He had to learn how to sing and properly enunciate the entire song backwards so when the video itself was reversed, he would still be singing normally.

Although I have spoken a lot about Coldplay’s music videos rather than the music they have created themselves, there is a specific song throughout their pop phase that I have really loved. Hymn For The Weekend is such a great song when listening to, because not only is there some tone of older Coldplay that first made them such a big name, but the song is also modern and sounds great. It’s also one of those songs that can be played in any circumstance and it would feel completely in place, both happy and sad moments. It is a great song and it is one of my favourites of theirs in general.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I know many do not enjoy Coldplay, but I really think they are one of the best bands ever. Please stick around and make sure to read some of our posts in the future, and some of the ones I have created in the past. Thank you!


Cyclone Records!

Cyclone records will be a blog for me to share all thoughts about music that I have. While this won’t be interesting to many (if any) people reading, music is one of my biggest loves in life. Music is such a wonderful thing, and it has been a wonderful thing for so many years now that it is hard for it to not be a cultural staple throughout the world. In fact, every culture has their own type of music, and utilize their own specific instruments and singing style, making music even more interesting as a result. Music can have profound effects on people of all types, and the effects that they can have are usually an emotional response. There is music that can make you happy, sad, angry, jealous, uplifting, depressing and even excited. The feelings that a song or a melody can give is quite amazing.

One of the music genres that I really enjoy is Jazz these days. I never used to like it, but it is one of those genres that do not follow the same “steps” so to speak. Jazz as a genre is different from most genres since the songs can be so vividly different. Some jazz songs can be purely instrumental, while others feature such a large amount of singing throughout the song that it would seem more pop than jazz. It is also a genre that does not rely heavily on a few single instruments, and instead can be created using any type of instrument you could imagine.

Another genre that I have always enjoyed are the 80s glam rock type. There is something enjoyable listening to the older glam rock bands or even the hair metal bands of the 70’s and 80’s. The quality of the songs and music isn’t the highest quality, nor do they require the most talent when compared to other genres of music, but they are still enjoyable listening to even today because of how light hearted and entertaining most of the songs are. Most of the hair metal songs that were created within the 80’s wasn’t to be taken too seriously, and that is partially why they are so entertaining to listen to. They are meant to be fun songs that you can simply enjoy.

There are some forms of music that I feel have degraded somewhat in the last decade or so. One of those genres is rap music, and rap music is lowering in quality when compared to some of the songs even in 2005. Rap songs within the last few years have become hard to enjoy for the average person, especially when you take into consideration the new “mumble-rap” type of rapping that has been going on within the last few years. Don’t ask me why, but for the last few years rappers who mumble and are barely coherent have become popular because of the melody and instrumental in the background rather than the lyrics the rapper is using. That really degrades the genre altogether, as the real beauty of rap was through the lyrics.

Over the next few weeks I want to talk somewhat about the many bands and artists that I really enjoy. Some of them are personal heroes, while others are just some that I really enjoy listening to. Thank you for reading today’s post! Make sure to check out more in the future!